Photography has intrigued me my entire life. I am passionate about speaking my mind and I strive to find creative ways to do so. Photography gives me that chance. 

We all have very special moments in our life. It is my privilege to help people remember those moments in a way that's individually tailored to their style and personalities. We are living in a unique time in that we are able to capture the beautiful memories of our lives through a lens with amazing precision. I want to give you the peace of mind that your style, passion, and life will be a beautifully preserved moment that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.. I am grateful for my parents and family who helped me become who I am today. Music is something I love to do at any hour of the day. I love to travel and collect coffee mugs from every city I go to. I grew up in the mountains but live by the beach now and I love them both. I am constantly perplexed the the ability of a human to show compassion and love when it seems like the last thing that someone should do.